Mi Historia

Hello everyone, my name is Mayra and I am the maker behind Raíces Morenas.
I have been inspired into starting a small business in all things natural, non-toxic, and homemade, like our ancestors did.
Being the daughter of Mexican immigrants who came to this country for a better life, has been a huge inspiration to me and has provided a template of where I want to go with my vision for Raíces Morenas.

In this country, as a minority, it can be difficult to learn about and connect to our raíces, our roots,  and express ourselves freely without feeling like we owe someone an explanation. Thankfully, in today’s day in age, we are able to do so and also be acknowledged (to an extent) of who we are and where we come from.
Raíces Morenas was born behind our beautiful brown skin, and mainly because growing up, my mom called me “prieta” due to my darker skin tone. I found that I connected a lot with that throughout my childhood, not only because of the color of my skin, but because I have Mexican roots in me that I didn’t always represent. Throughout the years I have learned to embrace the beauty of being “ni de aquí, ni de allá”. And that is where Raíces came to be a part of this creation. Because without them, I wouldn’t be here. It’s my way of connecting to my roots, to my family, to Mother Earth and being able to create things as natural, as purely and as beautiful as she does.

Family means everything to me and that’s another piece I wanted represented in my business.
Along with the meaning of family and the memories created, each candle has its own personal story behind it. I wanted to create products that bring those nostalgic feelings down memory lane. I aspire to bring those memories and reflections into your home. 

I hope you enjoy these hand made products as much as I enjoy making them.

Y nunca olvides de donde vienes y por donde vas. 

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