Quienes Somos

Raíces Morenas is a premium candle brand that combines luxury and culture in a way that is both meaningful and intentional. It offers a sensory experience, combining high quality scents with the richness of Mexican heritage, while bridging the gap between luxury and culture.

Each candle is carefully created with high quality ingredients to produce scents that evoke nostalgia, to transport people to a specific place, memory, or moment in time. There is power in fragrance, and that is why the brand meticulously curates each candle to tell a unique story, capturing the complexity and depth of memory, creating a truly immersive experience.

At the heart of Raíces Morenas- which translates to "dark roots" - is a deep and eternal connection to Mexican culture. The brand is rooted in representing and celebrating Mexico’s land, people, and traditions, in which they honor through their families ancestral roots. This connection is reflected in every candle.

The brand believes that everyone should be able to experience the beauty and richness of Mexican culture, and their candles are designed to bring that experience to life through the power of scent. Their candles are more than just a product - they create a relaxing atmosphere in customers’ home, evoke memories of a special moment, or simply provide the sensory pleasure of a luxurious candle.

Raíces Morenas strives to give an authentic experience that connects customers to the diverse cultural heritage of Mexico, and bring a little piece of that into their homes.